Take Your Code to a Beauty Salon

ESLint Plugin

Automatically sort and organize objects, imports, types, enums, and JSX props. Ensure a clean and maintainable codebase with minimal effort.

Fixable Rules

Automatically fix all errors safely. No manual intervention needed!

Code Uniformity

Achieve a consistent code style for better readability and maintenance.

Easy to Use

Flexible configuration to match your preferences. Seamless editor integration.

It's Just Beautiful

Enjoy aesthetically pleasing code. Make it look really awesome.


Effortless Setup

Getting started is a breeze. With straightforward installation and intuitive configuration options, you can quickly integrate our tool into your workflow.

Identical Code Style

Consistent code style fosters collaboration and improves quality. Uniform style makes code readable and manageable, enabling quick understanding and contribution.

Our tool helps enforce these standards, ensuring that your codebase stays neat and organized.


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Focus on Business Logic

Spend less time on code formatting and more on creating value. Our tool ensures your code stays clean and organized.

Interactive Demo

Try the sorting options: “Sort Alphabetically” or “Sort by Line Length”. Click “Reset” to undo changes.